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The name Trampantojo comes from the french term Trompe-l'oeil which means to trick the eye. Have you ever seen one of those paintings where you kind of get the feeling that everything in it is real? Well, thats a trampantojo.

When you paint a Trampantojo, you are almost creating a Trompe-l'oleil of your own.


Vinyl Toys

Think of Trampantojo Vinyl Toys as blank canvases, only three-dimensional.

Every Trampantojo is completely white. It's up to you to give it some color! By painting your Vinyl Toy, you transform it in something unique. You can do anything you want with it. Paint it with your fav medium, or just leave it white. There are no rules. 


Trampantojo was created in 2010 by Rafael Mayani, an Industrial Designer based in Mexico City. 

Since then we've been creating a series of characters based around the world of Trampantojo. Although we mainly focus on the creation of vinyl toys, we also do a lot of illustration and graphic design.

Get One!

Want to buy a Trampantojo Vinyl Toy? We currently don't have an online store, but you can contact us and we'll send it over to you!

Customize it!

Already have a Trampantojo? Use your markers, acrylics, colour pencils, crayons, or whatever you want, to create a totally original piece!

Share it!

If you've painted your Vinyl Toy, we'd love to see what you created. Send some pictures, and we'll share them on Facebook and Twitter!