Remember how your mom used to tell you not to talk to strangers? Well, that's exactly what we did for this art show.  

To celebrate the launch of our first series of Trampantojo Vinyl Toys, we asked 25 artists, designers, illustrators and animators from Canada, US, France, Ireland and Mexico, to paint their own Trampantojo.  

All of them are people that we really admire, but most of them hadn't even heard of Trampantojo before accepting to be a part of the show. 


25 white Trampantojos were sent out with the hope of being transformed entirely by these amazing people. 

The artists were given complete freedom as to what could be done with their vinyl toys. Adding and removing parts, painting with any medium and any theme was accepted. 

We ended up with an awesome collection of Trampantojos. All of them painted in a unique style. Since we had such a 

The end results will be displayed at the beautiful Palacio de Minería in Mexico City, opening October 24th.  

This show will be a part of the Mexican Design Open, an international design festival held in Mexico City.  

We'd like to thank all the artists involved in creating Trampantojos and Wikia for helping produce the show. 

Check out the whole list of collaborators.